Why AAC?

Project Study:
Study all the situation of the project (design / materials /supplying/logistics/etc.) and coordinates between all departments.

Arab African Energy has been in the projects sites since 1994, means more than 20 years with total 4 incidence cases thanks to our H&S team work.

H&S Department:
One of the best staff in our projects with very eff. Program.
Every project we begin to make some refreshment for all Employees and worker, even the hire people from rural area to under stand H&S, AAC train all teams and make in each team response person for eff. contact with the incidence cases.

Some scope of H&S:

  1. First step contact with governmental sectors Health, Police, Military, Fire and Ambulance service.Fire Fighting methods training by Fireman Specialist.
  2. Emergency Strategy training.
  3. Evacuation Plan.
  4. Control the methods of work without wrong behavior.
  5. Control the waste and cleaning in working zone.
  6. Incident reports.

Local Conditions knowledge and previous experiences in Egypt:


Arab African Energy Company have full knowledge about Egypt and worked in different location of Egypt.
The map shows some projects in all around Egypt with different solar systems.

  1. AAE is member of “IEC” in Ministry of Energy.
  2. Well known by the desert conditions, small villages, Nomads’ life.
  3. Very good experience by the soil conditions.
  4. Work in (Loose sand, clay, hard and hard rock) soils.
  5. Did many projects in rural areas.
  6. AAE was a member in “Small Scale Solar grid connect Code”.
  7. AAE made the first Five Mega projects in different conditions.
  8. AAE Sharing the USA Companies in Specify the Solar Stand Alone systems.
  9. AAE Sharing the Ministry of Energy and Egyptian Military in solar studies.
  10. The only company have Two (2) Special Thanks from “NREA” Solar Organization in Egypt.

Construction Capability:

  1. Bobcats Drill machines (4 Bobcats).
  2. Jackhammer Heavy Machines (2 Machines).
  3. Concrete Mixers (5 Units).
  4. Small Loaders for Concrete ( 8 Loaders).
  5. Excavation Heavy Machines (2 Machines).
  6. Water Storage tank Trucks (3 Tanks).
  7. Diesel Generator 25KW (2 Set).
  8. Trucks (4).
  9. Pickup 1.5Tons (2).
  10. Quad Bikes (2).
  11. Site Office Mobile Container.
  12. Welding Machines (2).
  13. Generators (6) each 5KW.
  14. Screw and Shock Machines (60 PCS).
  15. Full Hand Tools.

AAE Can Work in Different Soil Conditions

Arab African Energy Has the Engineering and Technician staff specialist with high quality ramming machines to confirm the client with high accuracy.
As our team work leader are will training with ramming fixation.
Also AAE has the drilling machines Bobcats, and EarthDrill for drilling cylindrical holes with different depth for sealing piles foundation.
As we have the method of hammering by using heavy Jackhammer machines for hard rocks.

Arab African Energy Has the unique experience from five different projects in Egypt made the team work well understand how to solve the problems.
Soil conditions: Loose sand, Clay, Limestone and Rocks.

Civil works & concrete Foundation:

Our Flexibility:

Arab African has the well known technical staff specialist with the different types of machines and heavy trucks for distribution materials and unloading

Mobile Workshop
Our mobile service is one of our advantages because It makes the maintain easy by its capability as (spare parts, measuring equipment, power supply…..etc.).
We able to offer this mobile service only for big projects.

AAE Records in Solar PV Plants

Surveyor works:
Arab African Has the Surveyor technician staff specialist with the high quality equipment “GPS Station – Total Station” to confirm the client with high accuracy.

Soil Test For Ramming

Drilling Works:
Arab African Has the unique drilling staff specialist with the high quality equipment “Bobcats – Excavation machines – Jackhammer – Rotary auger with 25cm up to 40 cm diameter” to achieve the requirement specification satisfaction.

10 MW Solar PV Plant Siwa – Egypt

New Records in 10MW Project Installation (219 Rack in one day)
Arab African Has the one of the best engineers and technical staff specialist with the quality control engineers for sealing poles and rack installation “Screw machines – Shock machines – Torque ranch etc.” Our team work has the flexibility to install any type of Structures.

New Records in 10MW Project Installation 4185 Panels/day
Arab African has the best engineers and technical staff specialist with the quality control engineers for solar panels installation “ POP Rivets – Screw machines – Shock machines – Torque ranch etc.” Our team work has the flexibility to install any type of panels “Thin-film – Crystalline”.

AAE Records in Off Grid Systems

We design, maintain, and install Telecom and Cathodic Protection Stations in most of Egypt. As appear in the sites below. Our records more than 42 solar hybrid stations.

  • We are the first solar company makes Combination between Solar and wind Energy in our hybrid systems in Egypt In 1999.
  • Pre-wired Hybrid systems for telecom and fiber optic terminals (DDM). Our record is 20 units CellPaks 5.4 KW.
  • Power systems for remote radio repeaters and base station applications (easy to assemble)

The high way solar signal:
We are consultant in this project For the Renewable Energy Organization And the Ministry of Transportation.
We made the design and the case study And installation for the first complete systems signs and solar power systems.

Solar Billboard Lighting systems:
We design, install and Renew as well as maintain about 500 systems. All of our customers are famous.

Awards & Certificates
We have the great experience in how to collect rewards through our efforts. Thanks for all our customers that respects our deals.