Arab African Energy has been active in the renewable energy market for over 20 years. Founded in early 1994 as a limited partnership Company. Providing designs, repair, replacement, renewing, supplying of components, installation and maintenance of new and renewable energy systems and to give solutions to generate clean and less costing energy.

Scale of business: The public sector and the private sector both inside and outside Egypt.
Type of Power: Solar energy and wind energy.
Method of the Company’s work: The Company makes feasibility studies to the projects through the following:

  • A technical teamwork of the Company visit the project location to raise the spaces and make sure loads are useable.
  • Submission of best suggestions & solutions.
  • Submission of initial offer to the client for his approval.
  • Making the final design of the project and selecting of the convenient components for the systems required then going to implementation.

The company’s activities in the Registration Doc.:

  • Design power plants by Solar, and Wind Energy, distribution networks, transmission lines and maintenance.
  • Build & Establish of power plants by solar and wind power, distribution and transmission lines and maintenance of networks.
  • Operation & maintenance solar and wind power plants.
  • Design & Build of irrigation water pump stations.
  • Design & Build of desalination plants and drinking water refining.
  • Contracting activities.
  • Import and Export.
  • Commercial agencies

Some Points of Our History With Solar :

Arab African involved in Solar Energy since 1994 in Egypt & East Africa markets, as AAC was dealing in solar with the well known leader companies in these time as:

  1. Agent of “Photocom Inc.” USA in Egypt.
  2. Agent of “Golden Genesis” USA in Egypt.
  3. Shareholder in “WorldWater Inc.” USA New Jersey.
  4. Agent of “Kyocera Solar Inc.” USA Arizona.
  5. Genyal S.A Spain.
  6. SolarJack USA, Arizona.

AAE Also work in Egypt with the following Governmental sectors as Solar constructions:

  1. Ministry of Energy “NREA” 10MW, 5MW, 1MW Solar PV plants.
  2. UAE Fund For Egypt 10MW, 6MW under Enviromena Power Systems.
  3. Ministry of Roads & Bridges in Egypt off grid systems.
  4. Egyptian Military for Off grid systems.
  5. Egyptian Alahram News Paper and advertising “solar off grid systems”

Human Resource:

  1. Administration Staff: 20 persons.
  2. Engineering Staff: 12 persons. (Civil / Mechanical /Power / Communication / Electronics).
  3. Technical Staff: 100 persons. (Qualified, well trained and have experience not less than 5 years ).
  4. Technical assistant : 150 Persons.
  5. Labors: 100 Persons.
  6. Scaled Tech & labors (Hire/project): 100.


Engineering Teams: Arab African Team work

Arab African Energy has the best engineers and technical staff specialist with the quality control engineers for solar panels installation, Structure Fixed and Tracker systems, Civil works cable trenches, concrete foundation, Prefabricated buildings, Roads, Leveling and grading, drilling and ramming.

  1. CIVIL Engineering: Building, Prefabricated, Roads, Drainage, drilling, All civil works, Internal “Alexandria, West & East Desert, Upper Egypt, Aswan”. All in solar and power projects.
  2. Electrical Engineering: For Off grid and On grid. And transmission lines.
  3. Mechanical Engineering: mounting Structures, Ramming, fixing.
  4. Communication Engineering: For Scada systems For power plants, etc.